The bullring in Valencia, with seven other Spanish places, form the group of of the first-category arenas, which are the most relevant scenarios in which the triumphs have more value for bullfighters and also in which bulls are expected to have more volume and seriousness.

Valencia enjoys a great importance, as well as prestige and media attention as it marks the start of the bullfighting season, in addition to having witnessed great moments in the history of bullfighting. Each year  the best bullfighters and  the best herds face each other in the first major event of the year to an audience thirsty for bullfighting after the months of winter rest and preparation, when  no bullfights are held in Spain.

Nowadays  a total of 25 bullfights a year are scheduled on this arena, based on two main cycles. The first one is called Fallas fair and is organized around the major city pagan festivals celebrated in March. It is the first major event of the season in Spain. The second cycle takes place in July.

For more information on the shows, please visit: www.torosvalencia.com