Before this bullring was built, for several centuries, Valencia had celebrated bullfights but without a fixed bullring. The construction project of this arena dates back to the eighteenth century, when the  love for bullfighting in the city was extraordinary.

The bullring was planned and designed by Monleón, which waived all his fees for this work and has a plaque of appreciation at the bullring for this laudable gesture. Its architecture is an imitation of the Colosseum in Rome, made of brick as the basis of the composition. The long initial construction process lasted ten years.

On June 22, 1859 the first celebration with bulls took place, with bulls of Nazario Carriquiri and the widow of Zalduendo, for the bullfighter Francisco Arjona Cúchares. Although this bullfight is considered the official opening, the building could only be terminated in 1861, when the matador Antonio Sanchez “El Tato”faced bulls of the Duke of Veragua.